Adam Michie


Choosing your football team is a potential minefield for kids. My grandparents, mum and sister were all West Ham. My aunt and cousins were Man United and my uncle was Newcastle. My dad wasn’t anything. My mates at the time were Spurs. That's an internal conflict a seven year old shouldn’t have to deal with. My advice would be to go with your instinct.

The best match I’ve seen in the flesh was Spurs v Chelsea in November 2006. Spurs were a goal down to Mourinho’s men before recovering to beat the reigning Premier League champions 2-1 with a sublime goal from Aaron Lennon. Great atmosphere, great football and a great result!

I’ve seen games at some incredible venues such as the San Siro, Nou Camp and Westphalen but if I could be whisked off anywhere to see a game, it would be the Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Football writing is something I wanted to do the moment I realised I was too rubbish to play professionally. Having no journalistic qualifications was a hindrance so I started doing some blog writing and a bit of match reporting. A book was a big step but I felt I had at least one story in me.

Finding the time to write a book in parallel with my full time job, going to Orient and maintaining a relationship was the hardest part. I’d taken sketchy notes throughout the 2010-11 season and it’s surprising the memories they help recall. The internet was an invaluable tool too. How people researched before it I don’t know.

Twitter is my secret addiction. I never leave too long a gap between checking it. It’s by far the best source of up to the minute news. Being able to interact with well known journalists or players makes it all the more appealing. Why not follow me using @flicksandtricks?